Anno 2020

TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
Hyper hypoglycaemia in diabetic population 03/08/2020
Latent composite indicators for evaluating adherence to guidelines in patients with a colorectal cancer diagnosis 24/02/2020
Legionnaires disease outbreak in Italy 03/08/2020
Patterns of care and cost profiles of women with breast cancer in Italy 03/08/2020
Response Residence near power lines and risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson 03/08/2020
TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
2019 Cancer incidence and congenital anomalies in Sesto San Giovanni 13/11/2019
Do autistic patients change healthcare services utilisation through the transition age? An Italian longitudinal retrospective study 15/11/2019
Early-onset colorectal cancer in young individuals 19/04/2019
Effects of pollution, temperature and influenza on the excess mortality in winter 2016-2017 13/11/2019
I Tumori in Italia Trend 2003-2014 19/04/2019
Increased incidence of colon cancer among individuals younger than 50 years: A 17 years analysis from the cancer registry of the municipality of Milan, Italy 19/04/2019
Residential distance from high-voltage overhead power lines and risk of Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease: a population-based case-control study in a metropolitan area of Northern Italy 02/08/2019

Anno 2018


TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
Cancer of the head and neck a set of indicators 16/04/2018
Characteristics of people living in Italy after cancer diagnosis in 2010 26/02/2018
Global surveillance of trends in cancer survival 2000-2014 (CONCORD3) 26/02/2018
Prevalence of Pulmonary Embolism in patients with sincope 26/02/2018
Risk factors for breast cancer 16/04/2018
The impact of overdiagnosis on thyroid cancer 16/04/2018

Anno 2017

TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
2017 Confronto tra l’approccio di coorte e caso-controllo nella valutazione di impatto 12/10/2017
Adherence to guidelines and breast cancer patients survival 30/06/2017
Algoritmo classificazione stato salute 12/10/2017
Alzheimer disease and associated disorders 12/10/2017
Cost of breast cancer 30/06/2017
Indicatori come strumento di governo della medicina territoriale 30/06/2017
Valutazione del modello CREG 26/02/2018

Anno 2016

TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
Evaluation of the Care Pathway In A Cohort of Breast Cancer 30/06/2017
Valutazione di un intervento di sanità pubblica nell’infarto miocardico 30/06/2017

Anni 2015-2014-2013

TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
Analisi del disagio psichico nella popolazione pediatrica 30/06/2017
Confronto di differenti metodologie per la definizione di indicatori 30/06/2017
Indicatori per il monitoraggio dei percorsi del tumore della mammella 30/06/2017
Indicators based on registers and administrative data 30/06/2017
Inverse occurrence of cancer and Alzheimer disease 30/06/2017
Studio di popolazione per la valutazione dell’efficacia della vaccinazione antinfluenzale 30/06/2017
Volume and outcomes after esophageal 30/06/2017

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