Valutazione dell’epidemia COVID-19



TitoloData Inizio ValiditaFile
Assessment of the Overall Mortality during the COVID-19 Outbreak in the Provinces of Milan and Lodi (Lombardy Region, Northern Italy) 24/12/2020
Association between autoimmune diseases and COVID 19 as assessed in both a test negative case–control and population case–control design 07/10/2020
Describing the epidemic trends of COVID-19 in the area covered by Agency for Health Protection of the Metropolitan Area of Milan. 09/12/2020
Descrizione dell’andamento dell’epidemia di COVID-19 nell’ATS di Milano 23/02/2021
Development of a multivariable model predicting mortality COVID-19 cases 05/07/2021
Evaluation of the anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign 19/11/2021
Impact of Individual Characteristics and Socioeconomic Status during the COVID-19 03/03/2021
Metabolic syndrome and risk of COVID-19-related hospitalization 22/11/2021
Strategy to identify priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination 05/07/2021
Strategy to reduce adverse health outcomes 16/03/2021
Trend of pneumonia diagnosis in emergency departments as a COVID-19 surveillance system: a time series study 09/02/2021
Valutazione della campagna vaccinale anti-COVID-19 19/11/2021
Valutazione della mortalità generale nelle province di Milano e Lodi durante l’epidemia di COVID-19 23/02/2021

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